Anywhere without internet

Currently in Beta Test.

Step 1 : use "BALANCE" command to get your BTCP address for deposits.
Step 2 : deposit the amount you need in your sms wallet . wait 10 min to be confirmed by the network.
Step 3: Send BTCP in this format "SEND 0.001 BTCP any-mobile-number-worldwide" or "SEND 0.001 BTCP anyBTCPaddresshere".

US + International +13602245786
US +13644444841
CH +41798071464
ES +34668693216
BE +32466901827
NL +3197008101294
VE +584241337618
UK +447412125522
RS +381611476149
If no local number for your country listed use "+41798071464" (Switzerland) for maximum international reach


Send and receive BTCP (@BitcoinPrivate) from any mobile phone using text messages without Internet, smartphone, accounts or passwords.

Transaction Fee(Beta Test)

US, UK & Canada 0.1$ usd
International 0.35$ usd
Venezuela 0.0001 BTCP

Send Bitcoin Private to any number:

"SEND 0.1 BTCP 13109333858".
"SEND 0.5 USD 13109333858".
"SEND 20 EUR 13109333858".

Send Bitcoin Private to any BTCP address:
"SEND 0.89 BTCP b1F929EmC36mRNyJ1vWL
"SEND 20 EUR b1F929EmC36mRNyJ1vWL

Check your balance and deposit address:

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or via SMS +13109333858

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Privacy, security, and honest communication are core values here at Cointigo,
and our focus will always be to create great, fast services that users around the world can trust.

As we improve features during our beta phase, all transactions, sender's and receiver's phone numbers,
and BTCP addresses are temporarily transparent and visible to a few trusted members of the Cointigo development team.

Once we move out of beta this data, and any/all future user data, will be encrypted and no longer accessible to the team.
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